Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vero Beach Florida

It is hard to believe that we have been in Vero Beach almost a month. April is here. We have been busy, having put almost 6,000 miles on the boat, it was time to have it hauled and inspect the running gear and have the bottom cleaned and new anit-fouling paint applied. Monday morning we got up early and pulled out, back onto the AICW and headed South back to Ft. Pierce, were Cracker Boy Boat Works is located. The trip was only 16 miles, but it would take about 2 hours. Here they would haul the boat and do the work. We were told it would take 3-5 days. Knowing that the boat would be on the "hard" and almost inaccessable, we found a nearby motel, but they would not take pets. Piper would have to stay aboard and I would climb up and check on her each day. But friends came to the rescue. Friends were going to be out of town and asked if we would like to bring Piper and come and stay at their house while they were away. As you can see from the pictures of their place we really suffered. It really felt good to have space to strech out,a washer and dryer, and not be rolling. But it really felt good to get back on the boat, knowing for now it is home. For now it is home, it for sale and we are still looking for the right place to settle. We have the whole world to do that in.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stopping in Vero Beach Florida

We have arrived at Vero Beach Florida, and it looks like a great place to stop for awhile. We have been traveling for a year and have covered almost 6,000 miles by boat and 2,000 by car. We are at Grand Harbor, Loggerhead Marina and will stay for at least 2 months. We will have to decide to stay during the hurricane season or move North to avoid the high insurance cost to keep a boat in Florida during that period. We have bought a car so no need to rent any longer. Our plan??? We are unsure, we have listed the boat with a broker, but will continue to stay on the boat until it sells. At that time we have to make another decision. To continue to travel, maybe by travel trailer or motorhome, or settle down into a condo or house. Unsure, but it will most likely be in Florida. Would love to hear from you. Email

Kennedy Space Center

March 17th Trip to Kennedy Space Center with Wayne and Ruth. Since we now have a car, it is possible to take trips to those places in Florida we missed on our original Loop trip. When we left Ft. Pierce last year we were in such a big hurry to get to Norfolk for the Looper Rendezvous that we bypassed the Kennedy Space Center, BIG MISTAKE. This is a great stop for anyone doing the Loop, lucky for us we had a second chance. This is an unbelieveable place. We first went to the 3D IMAX theater to see a film about the Hubble Telescope. I did not realize the mission that it was to perform, and then the maintenance and repairs that had to be performed in space. We then went to the Apollo Lunar Center. There were many displays of equipment and samples of moon rocks and crafts. Nancy just had to touch the moon rock. Probably won't be contaminated by the rock, but will get something from someone else touching the rock. We also expierenced the launch of an Apollo mission. The center had reassembled the actual control room, video, and audio of the Apollo mission to the moon. We went through the Orbitor and could see the shuttle bay, living quarters, and cockpit. We next went to Launch Pad 39B, where the next launch is to take place on Apirl 19th. The Orbitor is sitting on the pad and being preped for launch. The trip from the Orbitor Assembly Building to the launch pad takes 8 hours. It is only 3 miles. We had to try some SPACE DOTS, this is supposedly the ice cream of the Astronauts. I think I will stick with the real stuff. We finished the afternoon off with another 3D movie in the IMAX with a movie about the construction of the International Space Station. Being an 0ld machinist and manufacturing guy this was amazing stuff. Makes me wish that I had come to Florida as a young man and got a job at the Space Center. We finished the day having dinner with our good friends and traveling companions Wayne and Ruth Pollock. We are saying our goodbys for they are moving on North, home to Canada and completing the Loop. We vowed to see each other again, hoping that we will make it back to Canada and doing the small triangle with them soon.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Palm Beach to Stuart Florida

Today is March 7 and we traveled from Palm Beach Marina to Sunset Marina in Stuart Florida. This trip has taken a little over 4 hours and covered 34 miles. We left the Atlantic Intracostal Waterwater Way and traveled about 7 miles up the St Luice River to Stuart. This is also a part of the Okechobee Waterway. Along the way we saw a couple of different boats one almost looks European. Again we are seeing the fabulous mansions along the ICW. When you see the new construction, you wonder who is doing so well in a down market. Does not seem to be a slow economy in every area. We got to Sunset Marina and settled in. Then joined Wayne and Ruth from High Spirits for a walk into town. Stuart Florida is known as the Sailfish Capital. We wondered through the downtown shops for the practical and the unusual. Found an ice cream shop and asked that they give us the flavor with no calories. Then walked back to the boats for dinner on board. Off to Vero Beach tomorrow.